Rocker Dante

Above: 1994 Dante performing at Chicago's Aragon Ballroom with GATORBAIT


Dante's father was a New Orleans trained musician and recording artist. Dante's mother even recorded a few vocal tracks on his fathers 45-LP recordings. Dante's grandmother (on his fathers side) was also somewhat of a celebrated vocal entertainer of the 40's-60's standards.

Dante began training classical guitar at age 10. At age 12 he became extremely influenced by Rock & Roll music (Aerosmith, KISS, AC/DC, Eagles, etc.) and purchased his first electric guitar. At age 15 Dante enjoyed playing Rock music with other local musicians. At age 16 Dante began classical vocal training in his high school choral that toured nationally by the time Dante was 17.

In 1984 Dante established a cover band with which he played his first gigs. Relocating to Phoenix in 1986, Dante established his first all original band 'DOPPLEGANGER'. Performing and recording Dante's own original music compositions. 

In 1987 Dante returned to academia as a music major to further his education in the recording arts.

In 1989 Dante began writing new material that would eventually become the style & standard for which he would be widely known and later would be coined 'Rockabilly'. Dante formed 'TUNG-N-GRUV' with drummer Michael Shannon and after some macinations would become celebrated across the western USA. Performing and recording until 1992 when Dante relocated to Chicago to perform and record with the 'DUECES' (FMI Records).

Dante would eventually move on to form 'GATORBAIT' with his good friend guitarist T.C. Gauss (Tommy). Dante wrote many songs with Tommy and Gator Bait recorded their first demo in 1994 at Keith Marks Studio (of STYX) in Chicago and performed locally opening for many high profile recording artists.

With the advent of a new son, Dante relocated to Jacksonville Florida in 1995 to resume his education and to raise his sons. Dante continued to compose new material and record with other musicians however his performances became fewer as he settled into his new role of father, provider, and student.

Today Dante enjoys composing and producing music in his own studio, playing music with his sons and jamming with buddies for fun. 



Above: 1994 Dante performing at Chicago's Aragon Ballroom with GATORBAIT 


More to come as time permits.