Dante & Japanese Martial Arts

Dante began training in the the much guarded practice of the Ancient Egyptian Temple Guard in 1982. Those teachings, inspired him to begin his training (1984) in Togakury-Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu, later re-organized by current Soke Hatsumi Masaaki as Bujinkan Budo.

Dante trained under Shihan Peter Crocoll in Phoenix, AZ. (until mid 90's) where he was first introduced to Soke Hatsumi Masaaki at the Los Angeles Tai Kai in 1989. Dante returned to Los Angeles after several years break (traveling musician & birth of sons) where he resumed training under Shihan Andy Martin and Shihan David Greenberg.

After several years, Shihan Greenberg entrusted continued dojo guidance to Dante and returned to Israel. As senior instructor of Franklin Canyon Bujinkan and Griffith Park Bujinkan, Dante continues to regularly travel to Japan and abroad, to train with Soke Hatsumi Masaaki, the Japanese Shihans, and other chief instructors around the globe.

Dante also began training prewar Kenjutsu (Kumdo) in 2007, is a member of AUSKF, USKU, SCKO, and enjoys competing in modern Kendo Internationally in Japan, Korea, and the US.

For more information on Bujinkan (aka Togakury-Ryu Ninpo) go to www.bujinkan.com
For more information on the Temple Guard see The international standard Bible encyclopedia By Geoffrey W. Bromiley

 Below: 1989 Dante employing running up tree evasive maneuver to avoid uke's sword strike  - [Dante above right]


After Soke class 2013

After training with Noguchi Shihan

After training with Shiraishi Shihan

After training with Arnaud Shihan

After training with Somea Shihan

After training with Senou Shihan

After training with Nogato Shihan

After training with Noguchi Shihan


Below: 2010 - Dante Justin, Soke, and Matt in Noda-shi, Japan @ Hombu Dojo - [Dante far right]


Below: 2009 - Dante after practicing with Saporro (Hakodate, Japan) University Kendo Team - [Dante seated right]

Below: 2008 - Dante at Osaka Kendo training in Osaka, Japan


Below: 2008 - Dante scaling Iga Castle in Iga Ueno, Japan


Below: 1988 Los Angeles Bujinkan TaiKai - Soke drew an excellent Caricature of Dante!